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Version History of Diving Log:

Diving Log 6.0.411.03.2016
- Profile Compare feature
- Downloader: support for new computers
- New Hollis Explorer import
- Subsurface import improvements
- MacDive import improvements
- Excel Export improvements
- Fixed: main window seems to freeze when autostart and update notification overlay each other
- Bug Fixes
Diving Log 6.0.313.12.2015
- New AV Manager (Underwater Technologies) Import
- DiveSystem DiveLogger Import improvements
- Shearwater Desktop Import improvements
- Poseidon MkVI Import improvements
- Subsurface Import improvements
- Mares Dive Organizer Import improvements
- New Libdivecomputer
- Download dive computer memory dump
- Signature popup for unlinked buddies
- iOS Sync improvements
- Logbook table summary fix (imperial units)
- Bug Fixes
Diving Log
- Timezone adjustment
- Dive count in statistics
- OSTC Settings
- Equipment revision warning disabled for inactive equipment
- Keyboard navigation in details list
- Petrel 2 download support
- Libdivecomputer update
- Bug fixes
Diving Log
- Two additional profile graphics in logbook window (5 overall)
- Sort order of tanks can be changed
- Cloud Sync folder can be configured (if not in default location)
- Downloader Bug Fix
- Mares Dive Organizer Import Bug Fix
- DiveSoft Import Improvements
- xDeep UDDF Import Improvements
- Tree Browser equipment bug fix
- Heartrate profile average line
- Windows 10 Theme Improvements
- Windows XP Theme Improvements
- Logbook equipment list active/inactive option
- Automatic downloading of layouts, reports, etc. if missing
- Bug Fixes
Diving Log
Diving Log 6.0 released:

- New WPF UI technology
- New modern design
- High DPI display ready
- Improvements for touch input
- Widgets in main window
- Better performance
- Detailed popups in the dive site map
- Detailed popups in the dive details
- Detailed popups in the logbook window
- Logbook table with new features (Grouping, Sorting, Filter, Column Re-order, Fixed Columns, Sums etc)
- Ribbon Improvements (Jumplist, Touch Mode)
- Logbook layout improvements
- Unified Downloader
- Autostart in Settings
- Auto Updater
- Bug Fixes