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Equipment list

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First thing. Is this the addon section? my German is non to good! if not pleas move it to the right forum

second. Been using Diving log for a year now and it`s just an awsome logging program!

And at last. What i would like is to have the possibility to make a equipment group. I use the equipment list to keep track of how menny dives all of my equipment have done. Both for fun and to see when my dive computer for example need`s a battery change/service or regulator`s and so on.

Right now i have 2 rigs. One tec rig and one with a single bottle and standard bcd so basicly a lot of different gear that is used on different dives and it would be a lot easyer to hook off in one checkbox and have all the equipment in that group be added to the given dive.

Allso. since there is a equipment service reminder on time. what aboute give the option to choose both time AND/OR how menny dives. My dive computer for example is to have a service every 2 years OR after 200 dives. would be nice if the equipment dive counter would bring up the same message in the Welcome Center as it dos with the time warning.

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Re: Equipment list

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Thank you very much, I'm glad you like Diving Log! Yes, equipment groups are something I want to add in the future!

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