No more bugs!!??

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No more bugs!!??

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I have been looking at the forums and no one else seems to be reporting issues with the Beta 5 version. It could be that many of your users are from the northern hemisphere and not many people are logging dives (like me) to be able to test the software. However, I again want to congratulate you and your hard work on this fine program. Maybe we can fish out a few more issues when we start diving more.

Are you looking at a direct integration for Oceanic any time soon? The one for Suunto has spoiled me. It would be nice to completely uninstall Oceanlog... :D
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Re: No more bugs!!??

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Hi Terry

Yes, version 5.0 seems to be very stable and I'm very happy about that. Most of the time I'm adding the last few missing features from version 4.0, that's the reason why it is still in beta. Today I'll upload another update which is almost feature complete. Within February I'll release a RC2. Then I have to localize a few parts of the UI and update the website a bit, then I can release the final version officially.

After the release of the final version I have to work a bit on the Windows Mobile version before I can add direct download support for other computers.

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