Issues with RC1

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Issues with RC1

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1. It de-links locations and buddies. Locations that were linked (they showed the chain icon) are now unlinked (they show the pencil icon). This is true of all three location fields and the buddy field.

2. Error when changing ribbons. If you don't have separate "Profile" and "Comments" etc. tabs in your layout, you get an error when you hit those buttons in the ribbon. My main layout has a single page, with the comments on the lower left, and on the lower right a pane that switches between photos and profile/deco information.

3. None of the feature additions contemplated are in. If the only thing that changed from v4 to v5 is the interface, that's very disappointing. Among other things not here: (a) Multigas and correct importing of gas usage and deco information from dive computers; (b) Linking dive locations with online databases of them; and (c) Linking fish species with online databases of them.
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Re: Issues with RC1

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1. Not reproducable
2. Known issue, now fixed.