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Icloud sync

Post by a3vd »

I can sync my PC to my Ipad and Iphone without any problem throug wifi.

But when i use Iphone icloud sync , it tells me that i can use other logbooks but on my Ipad i can't see
those logbooks :( , am i doing something stupid or wrong ? :?: :angelic:

What i want to do is log my suunto into my Pc, sync it with my Iphone and through Icloud to my Ipad

Further information : the Iphone and Ipad use the same Icloud account

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Re: Icloud sync

Post by gregm »


It sounds like you have a handle on how this is *supposed* to work, so I don't think that you are doing anything wrong (or stupid). It sounds like the iCloud configuration on your iPad might be messed up somehow that is making it so that it does not see the data stored in iCloud (presumably uploaded from your iPad).

First, let me just outline the "normal" procedure for getting going with iCloud synching in Dive Log just to make sure that we are on the same page. In general, you need to kick things off by making sure that your iPhone and iPad are starting with the same base logbook.The easiest way to do this is to "pick" either your iPhone or your iPad as the base logbook (obviously you want to start with the most complete version of your logbook ... in your case this is most likely the one on your iPhone since you have just synced it with Diving Log 5.0 on your PC). You would then take the following steps (again assuming that you have decided that the current logbook on your iPhone is the starting place):

1) on your iPhone tap the item under "Upload active logbook to iCloud" to get the reference logbook into iCloud.
2) after a little time, the active logbook should migrate to iCloud and then become visible on your iPad in the "Logbooks to Import/Restore" section
3) Tap on the logbook you just uploaded from your iPhone on your iPad to install it from iCloud
4) From this point forward, both your iPad and iPhone should show the logbook in the "Matching Logbooks Available for Synchronization" section. You can then tap on this item to sync any changes from the device you are one with the iCloud logbook. You can then return to the other device and use that same item to sync any changes from iCloud and that device.

Note that both devices need to be running at least iOS 6.0. Even though iCloud was available in iOS 5.0 we require many of the "fixes" that were introduced in iOS6.0 to use it reliably. You shouldn't even see iCloud options under versions of iOS prior to 6.0 ... but you never know :-)

Apparently you have essentially followed these steps but the iPad is not "seeing" the logbooks that have been uploaded to iCloud. There are a number of reasons that this could happen:

1) You've already checked this, but both your iPhone and iPad need to be logged into the same iCloud account.
2) The Documents & Data option for iCloud is turned off on your iPad (Settings App->iCloud->Documents & Data->
Documents & Data = On).
3) Your iPad has not *yet* been updated with the information from iCloud that was uploaded from your iPhone.
- this can happen for a couple of reasons ... and they may be true on your iPhone or your iPad since iCloud "stages" its
data locally before it is uploaded to iCloud. So your iPhone will see this locally staged data as if it were actually in iCloud
it may not have actually connected to iCloud and uploaded the data. You should double check that both your iPhone and
iPad have a data connection to the internet available. Typically you'll want this to be a WiFi connection, but a cellular
connection will work *BUT* you need to ensure that you have the option turned on on the iPhone and/or iPad that
allows "Documents & Data" to be synced over a cellular connection (Settings App->iCloud->Documents & Data->
Use Cellular Data = On) in this case.
4) iCloud's underlying services on your iPad (or iPhone) have crashed
5) iCloud on your iPad has gotten confused and is not correctly locating your iCloud sandbox area for Dive Log on iOS
6) There could be more reasons, but those are the ones that I've seen so far.

In order to get things working there are a few things to try. I'd recommend trying each item in turn and checking to see if your iPad's iCloud can see your logbook from your iPhone after each item:

1) Restart your iPhone and iPad completely. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of your iPhone/iPad until the "Slide to turn off" slider appears. Slide the slider and wait for the screen to go completely black. Then press the Sleep/Wake button again until your device starts back up (you'll see the Apple logo).

2) Try turning off iCloud's "Documents & Data" option on your iPad and then turn it back on again. This will remove any application data on your iPad that it got from iCloud, but it will be reloaded once you turn the Documents & Data feature back on.

3) Try the same thing as step 2 on your iPhone. This may cause any logbooks that you uploaded but that never made it to iCloud to be lost so you might need to try uploading them again after this step.

4) Try "Deleting" your iCloud account from your iPad and then setting it up again. This effectively logs you out of iCloud without deleting any data in iCloud so when you log back in it will reconfigure iCloud on your device and will download your data. You do this in the Settings App->iCloud and then scroll to the bottom and tap the "Delete Account" button.

5) Try the same thing as step 5 on your iPhone. Again, you will may need to upload your logbook to iCloud after this step if it was indeed the issue as presumably your data was never transferred from your iPhone to iCloud if this was the issue.

6) ONLY DO THIS STEP IF YOU HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR LOGBOOK DATA ON YOUR MAC OR PC (in Diving Log 5.0, Dive Log Manager, Dive Log DT or MacDive). Try removing Dive Log from your iPad and reinstall it from the App Store. You can remove Dive Log by pressing it's icon until it jiggles and then tap the "X". This will remove Dive Log and all logbooks stored on the device so make sure you have a backup that works. Then re-install Dive Log by opening the App Store and navigating to the "Purchases" tab and locate Dive Log and tap the "Install" button.

7) You could repeat step 7 with your iPhone again making sure that you have a backup first. In the case of the iPhone you re-install by opening the App Store and navigating to the "Update" tab and the first item under Update is "Purchases".

If none of the above helps, please feel free to contact us directly at our support email address (support "at" moremobilesoftware "dot" com - remove any spaces and replace "at" with @ and "dot" with .) so we can more closely work with your specific situation.

Sorry about the difficulties/ iCloud is still pretty new (even though Apple has been shipping it for a couple of years, it is just now getting exercised by a variety of Apps). Do let us know how you make out either way.



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Re: Icloud sync

Post by a3vd »

Great and well documented answer Greg , thank you

For me it was enough to remove the iCloud document switch and switch it back to on, it syncs great !

Kind regards,


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