Sync to Samsung Galaxy s3

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Sync to Samsung Galaxy s3

Post by nortyandnice »

Hi, am new to this forum and using Dive Log 5.0 so hope someone can help. I have updated to 5.0.9 and am trying to sync my phone to my computer and vice versa.

I have Divelog on a Sony Viao running Windows 8.0. When I connect the Samsung it shows as a USB PC Connection. I have DiveMate USB installed on the phone and I can see DiveMate in Dive Log when I go to sync to Android. If I select the phone and try and select the Divemate file the .sql file doesnt show and subsequently doesnt transfer to the phone. All I get is a text box saying "file not found.

Does anyone have any clues as to what I am doing wrong?

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Re: Sync to Samsung Galaxy s3

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Hi, sorry for the late respone! I somehow missed your post. Does the problem still exist? If so, try to use a temporary folder on your PC to exchange the file. Some USB modes cannot be used directly by Diving Log. Or you can use the Dropbox sync function from the "Web" toolbar menu to exchange the data.

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