Compatible with Windows 7?

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Compatible with Windows 7?

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Hi. I have installed v5 onto Windows 7 operating system and everything seems to work OK but printing. When I try to perform a Preview, I receive an error message: "Wrong report file for this type of data". This is with Tools > Diving Log 4.0 Compatibility unchecked. If I check that option and then try to run a Preview, I receive a Windows error about the program has stopped working and the program closes.

Also, if I try to load the Designer to view the logbook.crd file, I receive multiple error messages stating "syntax error: cannot interpret term "LogNumber". I receive one of these for each field on the logbook form (e.g. LogDivedate, LogDivetime, etc.). After clicking OK to each one, I can eventually make it into Designer.

To troubleshoot, I installed everything on a different Win XP computer and had no problems. However - one important difference between the two computers - the Windows 7 one has Diving Log 4.0 previously installed while the XP one did not, and I uninstalled v 4.0 from the Windows 7 PC before installing version 5. I noticed that the Uninstall was very "unclean" and left registry entries, Program Files folders, and a copy of the logbook as well - please take no offense, but the uninstall of v4.0 did not uninstall very well.

So perhaps my problems on that PC are because of left over files, pointers, perhaps the Designer assumes it is dealing with 4.0 crd files instead of 5.0, etc.? I just don't know. Or perhaps v5 is just not compatible with Windows 7?

Thanks for your response!
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Re: Compatible with Windows 7?

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Diving Log 5.0 is compatible with Windows 7 (I'm developing on it). The print function should be left with 4.0 compatibility mode checked if you want to use the existing report files. 4.0 and 5.0 report files are the same, but the names of the data variables are different, which is the reason that you can't use the existing report files without compatiblity mode.

The uninstall is also not the problem, because version 5.0 and 4.0 shared the same settings (RC 2 use now it's own settings in the registry). There is a known instability issue with the report designer and the profile draw function during designing and I was unfortunately not yet able to find the reason (But I think it could be 4.0 releated). Uninstall version 4.0, then restart your system, make sure compatibility mode is checked and then try to use the print function again. Let me know if you still receive this Windows error (this is the known stability issue).

The logbook file is not uninstalled intentionally because it would delete all dive data. It's like uninstall of Word would remove all word documents. But you are right, the uninstall should remove the registry entries and I'll add this, but for the switch of the version I wanted to keep them, so version 5.0 can automatically use the 4.0 settings and you don't have to configure everything again. And the uninstaller can't remove files which were updated, e.g. when you have installed 4.0 updates. It can uninstall only files which were installed with the original setup.

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