Tab order across fields

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Tab order across fields

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Hi Sven,

I'm really digging v5.0 RC1. Great work thus far.

When entering data in the various fields, I noticed the tab order is a bit odd. Is this by design?

For example, tabbing from the dive number through Buddy, it goes logically, item by item, line by line. However, from Tank, it goes to Size, then down to Start Pressure, to End Pressure, then up and over to Weather, then down to Dive Suit, Altitude, Dive Computer, Weight, Air temp, Water temp, Entry, then back over and up to Dive Type, Vis, Rep. dive, and finally, Water.

I thought I'd better list all the tabs, just in case :wink:


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Re: Tab order across fields

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Hi Todd

Thank you! The tab order in the logbook window is done automatically by the layout grid control. The reason why it is a bit odd is because the fields are grouped in blocks, and the layout grid steps through a group first. I'll try to see if it's better to ungroup the fields to get a better tab order. You can try it yourself by playing with the layout a bit and ungrouping the fields.

Best regards,
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