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Window Position

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First, I love this program!

I have this running on my Surface Pro 7. I have a pair of large monitors connected to the computer, and frequently will put the windows up on the large monitors.

The trouble is that when the docking station is not plugged in and I launch Diving Log, it tries to open the log book and other windows onto the monitors that are not attached. As you can imagine, this is a problem, especially if I go on a trip and have not relocated the windows to the main laptop monitor. In other words, when I go from 3 monitor to 1 monitor, some of the windows are not accessible.

What effort would be involved in checking to see how many monitors are available, and placing the windows on the main laptop monitor when the other monitors are not attached. Many other application do this. Although it has been many years since I have done Windows development, it would seem a relatively low effort task.
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Re: Window Position

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I've looked into this in the past. I can't remember exactly, but there were some problems if I remember right or I couldn't reproduce the problem. I can look at this again.

For now, you can click in the main window the menu "Window > Restore", which will reset all saved window positions.
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