Support for Garmin Descent mk1/2

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Support for Garmin Descent mk1/2

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Do you expect to provide support for the Garmin Descent computers on Android? I have just bought a mk2.
Or how would you suggest to transfer dives from these?
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Re: Support for Garmin Descent mk1/2

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I've just added support for the mk2 in the Windows version, if you want you can try it by downloading this zip file and copying the content into the Diving Log 6.0 program folder. Then you will find it in the "Downloader" and it should find it via USB.

As for Android, I almost have support for the mk1 ready. For the mk2 it depends on if the mk2 can be connected via USB and is accessable from Android. Can you try this and see if you can access the *.fit files via USB from an Android file manager?

Do you have a tank pressure transmitter for the mk2?

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