Win Desktop to iPhone export issue

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Win Desktop to iPhone export issue

Post by Sydneysider01 »

I have Diving Log 6.0 running on my desktop with dives logged/recorded. I've downloaded the iPhone app and installed.
I'm trying to sync or export the files from the desktop to the iPhone.

I've stored the divelog log file in firstly a Dropbox and then secondly an iCloud folder. When I go to the iPhone and select synchronise or import, in the folder view for Dropbox and iCloud the files are showing but they are greyed out and cannot be selected. I've no idea why they are greyed out or cannot be selected.

I then tried exporting in Subsurface XML. Again it could see the file but it was greyed out and would not select for import.

I then tried exporting in UDDF format. This had more success the file was there and not greyed out but on import it tells me there are no dives to import - despite me ensuring 'all dives' was selected when exporting.

So - how am I supposed to set up the Win/iPhone sync or export? (export would be fine). There is no WiFi on the desk top and I've not found a clear guide on how to do this, or suitable answers in the forum.


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Re: Win Desktop to iPhone export issue

Post by divinglog »

Hi Steve

You do not have to use WiFi on the Windows Desktop, as long as your PC is connected to the same network (via wired LAN cable) it is okay. If PC and iPhone are on the same local network, you can use the normal iPhone synchronization:

If you do not have a local network, you can also use an adhoc network between PC and iPhone. But you can also use Dropbox for syncing. Please make sure the Dropbox app is installed on your iPhone. Let me know if it still does not work and the files are grayed out. Then I'll contact Greg from More Mobile Software and he can help you about this issue.

All the other formats are not suitable (Subsurface or UDDF, etc.)

Kind regards,
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