Adding & Sorting Equipment

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Adding & Sorting Equipment

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Recently added my equipment to Divinglog 4.05 and have some remarks on the way this is handled (and i think it holds for other lists editors like buddies too).

1) When I press add-new the current item is added just behind the originally selected one. But it's not selected. Instead the topmost one is selected. When one just starts typing and press save one updates the wrong record.

2) I would expect add-new to add a new blank record and not a duplicate of the currently selected record.

3) In the buddy list the checkboxes are not cleared when I try to select buddies for a new dive. It keeps selecting one particulair diver in my case (I added the whole diving school so got quite some divers in there).

As for the equipment list it's not sorted in the logbook but show in original order. This makes it difficult to see which item i should select for a dive (still diving with a mixture of owned and rented equipment so my list is somewhat longer).

In the equipement list it would be nice if you had an icon in front signalling a type of entry like rental/owned. Supporting used definable categories would perhaps be a solution too.
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Hi Wim

Thank you for the suggestions and hints, I have added them to the ToDo / Feature Request list.
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