First time install on Pocket PC 2003

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First time install on Pocket PC 2003

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Some results of a first time installation on an iPaq 5550 (WM2003).

1) I installer Diving log 4.0.4 without the extra components.(i had the framework installed but was not sure about the Sql server). The result was a strange message about the .Net framework not being the correct version etc (but nothing about the sql server missing).
2) I installer the ,Net framework on the website but it's not the most recent one for 2.0 (I had another application installed just before it and that one delivered a more recent .Net framwork.
3) I installed the sql sevrer and that fixed the problems.

Bottom lines:

- The error message of 1) is not accurate and totally points into the wrong direction.
- The .Net framework on the website ( ... p?Site=PPC) is not the most recent one so you might update it.

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Re: First time install on Pocket PC 2003

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Hi Wim

Thank you for your feedback! The strange message is an automatic generated message from Microsoft, I must see if I can overwrite this, but I don't think so.

Kind regards,

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