send a dive to buddy?

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send a dive to buddy?

Post by scubal »

My wife and I both have DL (on Windows and IOS)
My dive computer has Bluetooth and uploads lots of nice profile stuff to DL.
Hers doesn't have Bluetooth so she manually enters date/time etc for the same dive I just did.
I really kewl feature would be able to 'send' a dive to a buddy?
Should include all dive data and then the buddy could edit the bits that are different for them.
I cant see anything that does that right now but it would be good if there was....

….maybe send the selected dive(s) as an email attachment (cos that's most likely to work) and then import into DL?

Theres lots of time when I do same dive profile as buddies but I'm the only one with a computer that logs profile information easily - so sharing with other would be great!

I this possible -is it a good idea for future release :)

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Re: send a dive to buddy?

Post by divinglog »

Thank you for the suggestion! Transferring data to another logbook is possible with the "Diving Log" import function in the import section. But I agree, sharing common data between logbooks should be a little easier. I'm not sure yet about the best approach.

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