Cannot sync to motorola G4

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Cannot sync to motorola G4

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Running Android 7. Windows sees the phone Moto G4, including the SD card, no trouble.
Diving log 6.0 just shows a little phone icon but no name for the phone, and fails to upload.
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Re: Cannot sync to motorola G4

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Please note that the phone must be connected in "MTP" or "Mass Storage" Mode, other modes don't work with Diving Log. But even if it's MTP mode, it is certainly possible that it does not work. MTP is not really a standard and every manufacturer does it's own thing.

If it does not work and you can't change the connection mode, you can always click the dropdown and click on "Select Folder". You can't save directly to the phone that way, however you can save to a desktop folder and then copy the file manually to the phone in Windows Explorer (or you can use Dropbox synchronization).

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