Syncing IOS to Dive Log 6.0

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Syncing IOS to Dive Log 6.0

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I tried Diving Log 6.0 demo version and thinking of purchasing it. But when I tried to sync Dive Log Apps in my IOS, it takes forever to syncing. Is the Diving Log 6.0 compatible with the current Dive Log Apps?

I also followed your Dive Log IOS apps synchronization guide but the program never ask or show any pairing code.


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Re: Syncing IOS to Dive Log 6.0

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In this case there is a problem with the network connection. First, please make sure no firewall is blocking Diving Log. Especially Avast is usually a problem, try to disable any security suite during sync or whitelist the Diving Log application.

If that does not work, restart your WiFi router and iPhone. Please let me know if you have still problems with sync.

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