Windows- Iphone Sync issue

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Windows- Iphone Sync issue

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I have a new Windows 8 Lenovo Ultrabook which I have installed Dive Log 5.0 onto. I had Dive Log on my old PC and it worked awesome and synced fine. But I cannot get either my iPhone or iPad to sync with my new laptop. I've tried a whole bunch of times, on different networks etc. When I enable the WIFI sync no devices shop up to import or export the logbook to the iPhone or iPad.

I made sure Dive Log is up to date, Bonjour is running to sync the iPad and iPhone but it still wont work... Any suggestions?

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Re: Windows- Iphone Sync issue

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Try to disable any security firewall suite during sync and make sure Diving Log is on the whitelist. Especially Avast is blocking Diving Log from syncing, but I heard also other firewalls could cause problems. Let me know if it still does not work.

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