Two additions I'd like to see...

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Two additions I'd like to see...

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1) The ability to display the Logbook with the most recent dive listed at the top of the list (ie reverse order)

2) The ability to highlight multiple dives and makes changes to all selected dives at the same time - I've just come back from a days diving, and need to complete the details for three dives, rather than do them one at a time, I'd like to be able to select these three dives and change the common fields (ie Tank, Weather, Suit, Viz, Water, Buddy etc) in one go and then go back and enter the dive specific fields.
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Re: Two additions I'd like to see...

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Yes, both suggestions are planned for version 5.0. I cannot say for sure if they will be included in the first release, but this is on my list. For number 2) you can use at the moment the template feature.

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