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Version 5

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Hoi Sven,

Any idea when the new version 5 of divingLog will be released. I realy like to see all the new technical stuff you have put in there :)

Gr - Michael

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Re: Version 5

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Hi Michael

I'm sorry, this is not easy to answer. Currently I'm working on the print function, which is the last big one and should be completed by end of May. Then I have to build the country, city, dive site, equipment and user data windows which should be done very quickly. Then I'll start merging everything together and building the main application window. When this is done I should be able to release a first preview version (alpha) so you can play around with it. But in this version a few things will still be missing including some of the import functions. But you can use version 4.0 for these tasks, because in the beginning both versions will share the same logbook format. Later on I'll extend the database to store more data.

Best regards,

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