Problems addings Logbook Pictures

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Problems addings Logbook Pictures

Post by lloyd_borrett »


When adding log pictures it would be really nice if Diving Log could remember the directory last used to add pictures from.

There is also an annoying problem when multiple pictures are added. When multiple images are selected, the last image in the selection becomes the first image in the logbook. All of the other images are in the correct order. To correct this one has to delete the first image, and then add it again at the end.

Best Regards, Lloyd Borrett.
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Post by divinglog »

Hi Lloyd

The multiple selection issue is a feature / bug of the standard windows open dialog, which effects every software using this one. But you can get around this if you select the last file, then press Shift and select the first file. In this way the files are selected in the correct order.

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Post by wvd_vegt »


To be exact, it's not the last image but the image with the focus rectangle on it if i'm correct.

It's the same when you drop images/files. The one used to start the drop is always the first one in the list.
Wim van der Vegt
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