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Comments, Suggestions and more!

Post by RaymondLB »

First of all - just want to through out some major props for putting together this slick little program. I've been looking for a small, transportable, custom dive log manager that I can use to import data from any computer for a while - and nothing has really been what I was looking for. This program has so much potential!



Both the english and german sites should contain more info on the program! A friend referred me to the program, having seen the site since purchase, I can say that I wasn't all that impressed with how little detail the site contained about the program.

The english writing on the site is pretty sketchy - Props to you for making a translation though - but I'd like to see the english make a little more sense.

Dive Log 4.xx

Some of the pop-up windows in the latest version still have German words in them - If you hover over the "I" icon when entering a new, some of the words are german.

I'd like to see a feature for OED, or Ocean Equivalent Depth. I frequently altitude dive, so I always enter my recorded depth in the log - I'd like to have a spot to LIST the OED. It would be really cool if you could set the dive altitude exactly, and just have it calculate the OED for you from the DAN or PADI tables.

I'd like a feature under the dive buddy list so that I can mark a dive as a solo dive.

I'd like to be able to set the visibility in exact feet or meters.

I'd like to see water surface temperature added to the logbook.

I'd like to be able to assign dive locations to specific islands or places, and specific islands to countries. Inheritance would be a great feature, that way, if I select my country as Mexico, the all the islands, dive sites, cities, etc will be eliminate if that are not located within mexico.

I'd also like to see a Lakes and Cenotes added to the list of possible locations.

Surface Interval Details, Deco, Nitrox Details, and information on waves, current, etc should be reorganized. Surface interval and Rep dive data should either be a subsection of the main dive log window, or have its own page - This is vital dive information, and hence, it makes no sense to stick this stuff under "Additional"

Deco and Gas details should be put into a new section called something like "Deco & Gas Management" so that it's easier to find, and all located in one place.

I'd like to see the option of being able to note information about Tide, Surge and Surf for a dive.

"Time In", "Time Out" and "No Deco Time" should be added for the purposes of Rec Diving. Not everyone using Dive Log 4.xx uses a computer - that being said, this information would still be very nice to have even if you have a computer, rather than just "Time In" being displayed.

The Equipment list should be expanded (as so many other people have mentioned) this is a great feature. I'd like to see an equipment configurator, so that I can create an equipment configuration - This will allow me to log equipment used on a per dive basis. For example a Cave or Wreck dive will require a different Equipment and Configuration than an OW Rec dive would, it would be nice to be able to track this data.

Under the User Data, Emergency Contacts should be its own section. The responsible diver will keep doctors names, as well as information on EMS and Deco chambers for every site they dive. This Medical and Emergency contacts forms should reflect this.

I'd also like to see Nitrox and Standard dive table data built into the program - that way people can do calculations on-the-fly.

There should be a zip or archive of every countries flag in BMP PNG or GIF format so that I dont have to browse the web for a countries flag. In fact, why not just build a list of countries right into Dive log so people can just select the country? Local provinces and states could be added manually.

I have some more suggestions too, but atm I can think of a way to word them. PM me if you'd like to hear them.

PS: I'm a first year Comp Sci student (VS 2005 .net mostly) want some help? eh? ehhhh?! :D
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Post by divinglog »

Hello Raymond

Thank you for the many suggestions and hints!

If you find any non translated parts please write me and this will be fixed in the next update. Is there any formula to calculate the Ocean Equivalent Depth, or only tables? Padi and DAN Tables are copyrighted and I can't include them in the program. If you make a solo dive wouldn't it be the best way to to simply leave the Buddy field blank?

A visiblity distance and surface temperature field is planned. The whole logbook window will be redesigned in the next major update (version 5.0).

To build in Nitrox and Standard dive table data in the program I first must check the copyrights. Padi for example don't allow this. Same thing with country flags as zip archive. To build a complete list of countries into the program would be a lot of time and work where I can't work on the program itself. I want to spend the most time improving Diving Log and not developing a comprehensive website :wink: But I'm working on the new support area with tutorials and FAQ section.

If you want to help you're always welcome. Please feel free to email me.

Best regards,
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Post by wvd_vegt »


Like the equipement configurator. Will save a lot of time. It would also be nice if you could print compact checklists for these so you don't need to take the computer into the cellar to collect needed diving gear.

Besides flags i would like to see some more management for photo's and maps etc. A separate subdirectory for each would already be a nice (and easy) start.

I currently have subdirectories for Flags, Photo's, Maps and Cards. It would be nice if diving log would default to these if you get an open/select file dialog.

But most important, keep developing...
Wim van der Vegt
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Post by divinglog »

OK, there will be a Equipment Set function in the next update. It will let you define and save Equipment sets for later selection.

There will be also a Dive Template function where you can edit very fast dives with same information, e.g. after a vacation. You made for example 20 dives in same Country, City, and with same tank size, weight, dive suit, water and entry type and used equipment. So you enter only the first dive, save it as template and apply the template on the next 19 dives with one mouse click or use it for new added dives. This function is almost finish and works great and will save a lot of work. :)
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