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Google Earth Export

Post by lloyd_borrett »

G'day Sven,

After adding the Google Earth links to phpDivingLog, I've been looking into Google Earth's KML files.

Diving Log 4 allows us to export a Google Earth KML file. However there are a few improvements I'd like to see you make.

First, I'd like to be able to specify the <name> of the file. (That is the <name> in the XML information in the data, not the KML filename.) Right now the <name> is written as "Diving Log 4.0". I would like to be able to make that whatever I want, e.g. "Lloyd Borrett's Dive Sites".

Second, I'd like to have an option for the latitude and longitude to be written into the start of the <description> of each dive site, preferably in the format dd° mm′″ N/S/E/W.

Third, if the comments are in text mode, I'd like to see you putting <br> tags into the comments as they are written into the <description> so that the integrity of the text line breaks is maintained.

Fourth, I would like to see the dives output into the KML file sorted ascending by Place name.

Best Regards, Lloyd Borrett.
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Re: Google Earth Export

Post by Jessika »

Hey, I'm trying to take a placemarker I did in Google Earth and get it to show up in Google Maps so I can use it without google Earth. Is there a way to do this? It would be very helpful because I could make a map using the G-Earth interface and then use the map online through G-Maps.
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