(413) Entity request is too large

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(413) Entity request is too large

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I got an error trying to upload "some" dives to Diveboard: "(413) Entity request is too large". I isolated 2 unsuccessful dives, I uploaded 40 dives at once without crashes, some longer where the dives were inactive.

Is there a way to export one of the major offending add-ons and send it to you for testing?

Thank you for your help!!!
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Re: (413) Entity request is too large

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You can create a new empty logbook file and import those two dives into the new logbook with the "Diving Log" import function and send the file to info@divinglog.de

From the error message I would guess that the data is too big. Is the dive profile very long with very short interval, e.g. 1 second interval?

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