Problem with Zoop Novo alerts

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Problem with Zoop Novo alerts

Post by ElJefe »

I've been using Diving Log for a couple years with a Suunto Vyper dive computer. I recently purchased a Suunto Zoop Novo and have just downloaded my first dives. Since this is a new computer, I also downloaded with Suunto's DM5 software to compare the downloads. What I discovered is that Diving Log is putting Ascent Alerts into the Deco column in the Profile Data tab.

In the past with my Vyper, these Ascent Alerts would appear in the Ascent column and also the Deco dives would appear in the Deco column. Both of these alerts - Ascent and Deco - would appear 10 and 20 seconds after the time that was shown in the Suunto software. ( With 10 second sampling time.)

I do not have any Deco dives in this first batch of dives on the new Zoop Novo, but the Ascents Alerts are definitely in the Deco column. One other difference is that the Ascent Alerts stay marked (as a 1 in the Deco column) when a mandatory safety stop is triggered by these bad ascents. When the mandatory stop is cleared, then the 1 becomes a zero. This is a nice feature and I am glad that Diving Log picks up this data in the download. But it seems that it should appear in the Ascent column rather than the Deco column.

I guess the other possibility is that all alerts will show in the Deco column, but with a different coding number. For example, 1 would be Ascent Alerts, 2 would be Deco Alerts, 3 would be RBT alerts, etc.

Please advise how this is supposed to work.

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Re: Problem with Zoop Novo alerts

Post by divinglog »

Can you download your Zoop dives into a new Diving Log logbook file and also import the same dives from Suunto DM5 into the same logbook? Then send ( the file (and maybe also the SDM5 file) to me and I'll have a look at the data.

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