loosing info on logged dives

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loosing info on logged dives

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To whom it may concern
I have the diving log program for a few years but I just noticed that I seem to have lost 2 weeks worth of logged dive info IE where what and dive info on my PC as well as on my phone and for some reason I cannot seem to get some dives of my log 5.0 from older dives

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Re: loosing info on logged dives

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First of all, please make sure to save all automatic backups before doing anything else:

Go into the Diving Log logbook folder on the PC and copy any *.bak file to a save location. Rename the *.bak extension to *.mdb and open it with Diving Log to see if the missing dives are there. On the iPhone, go into the WiFi sync dialog and tap the red "Restore logbook" button, which will restore the logbook before the last sync. Check if the missing dives are now visible on the iPhone.

Can you please describe your situation a bit more in detail and what you've done in the past two weeks. Are you using Diving Log 5.0 or 6.0 on the PC? How do you usually sync, e.g. add you new dives on the PC and sync them to the iPhone or do you add new dives on the iPhone and sync them to the PC?

Data does not disappear automatically, so I guess you may have synced a logbook from one device where the latest dive have been missing and overwrote your latest logbook with the dives from the last two weeks. Syncing is file based, so you have to make sure to always copy the latest logbook to all devices.

For example, if you have 210 dives on the iPhone and 200 dives on the PC, and then sync your PC logbook to the phone, it will overwrite the phone logbook and 10 dives are lost. But you can restore your phone logbook with the red button as described above.

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