Synching desktop and latop, file locations

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Synching desktop and latop, file locations

Post by DavidR » Wed Sep 19, 2018 23:33

I'm a completely new user and I am looking for an answer to a couple of questions. I'm sure this would have been asked before but so far I haven't found an answer. I've got two questions if someone is able to help.

1. How do I change the default of where the data files are located? At present they seem to be going to my C: drive which is an SSD I use for the operating system and programs. I want to set it so my files go to my D: drive where I store data.

2. How do I sync between my desktop PC and my laptop. I have entered a few dives on my PC to get me started but I'm about to head off on a dive trip and want to copy those dives to my laptop. At present I don't have any cloud storage so can I just manually copy whatever the file is that stores the dive log data using a USB drive?. If so, what is the file called that I would need to transfer. (I'll get some sort of cloud storage sorted but right now I'm busy packing for my trip so I need a really simple solution until I have time to look into this more closely)

Thanks for any advice. Sorry If this info is available somewhere but I don't have time to spend ages looking for it. I'm a fairly 'low level' computer user so need to keep things simple


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Re: Synching desktop and latop, file locations

Post by divinglog » Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:17

Hi David

You can move your logbook file to any location on your PC and open it with Diving Log (File > Open Logbook). The logbook file is stored by default in the Windows document folder, sub folder "Diving Log" and named by default "Logbook.mdb". You can see the logbook filename in the lower left corner of the main window.

To copy or move the file, just close Diving Log and copy/move the file to any location you want. If you've moved it, you have to select it again with Diving Log (File > Open Logbook).

With that method you can copy your logbook to your laptop without cloud. Right now you can only move your logbook file out of the document folder. The other files in the Diving Log folder must remain there. I want to add an option in the future to move all files to another location.

Kind regards,

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