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Report files

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Just wondering about the compatibility with the older report files. I am trying to update dives into my paper log and am having difficulty with the Erik Lindhal A5 report. The user defined fields are not working for me. When I open the designer and try to find a way to update the code, I am getting confused because its in German. Any way to convert the code to English or some help with the user defined fields? I really like that report format and would love to see it updated to 6.0 compatibility?

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Re: Report files

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The report file format has not changed since Diving Log 4.0, as long as you have enabled the compatibility checkbox:

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However the user defined fields can be used differently by every user, so it is possible that formulas which use these fields won't work if you don't enter exact the values the report expects. The text is probably Swedish, not German, but I haven't looked into the report since some time. It probably compares the text values from the user defined fields to show some kind of symbols, so you just have to rename the Swedish text to the your native language, so the correct icons are displayed. If you copy and paste a formula here in the forum, I can explain what it does.

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