Pictures resized?

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Pictures resized?

Post by Buceador » Mon Dec 07, 2015 15:14

Pictures included in the logbook (diving sites, equipment) are resized to a much smaller size. Especially diving maps are not readable anymore. I don't know when this realy happens. Perhaps while syncing between Ipad and PC?

Is there anyway the preserve the original resolution of the included images?

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Re: Pictures resized?

Post by divinglog » Wed Dec 09, 2015 20:24


Pictures which are stored directly in the database are automatically resized to a lower resolution to reduce the database size. Database files are not suited to store large amount of binary data. So Diving Log stores always the original path to the image file in the database and shows the full resolution image on the desktop, if the file is available. The smaller version from the database is just a fallback if the file could not be found.

On mobile devices, the orginal file is usually not available and thus only the small version could be displayed. It's a compromise, but otherwise the database files would get very quickly very big. Syncing would take a long time and emailing logbook files for support issues would not be possible.

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