Dropbox - Change Directory?

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Dropbox - Change Directory?

Post by Cerjan » Fri Nov 06, 2015 15:20

I installed DL6 on a new PC. I already have a logbook on Dropbox under "Dropbox (Personal)/Divelog". I wanted to link this new installation to this same logbook.

I selected Dropbox off the toolbar and pointed the program to the directory where my .mdb file is located (Dropbox (Personal)/Divelog). Then, instead of DL6 finding my logbook, the program created a new directory inside the directory I pointed it to and called it "Divelog" which is of course empty (i.e.: Dropbox (Personal)/Divelog/Divelog). So two questions...

1) How do I disconnect, clear, or change the Dropbox location that DL6 is now pointed to so I can point it to the correct location?

2) To connect DL6 on my new PC to my actual logbook location on Dropbox, should I have only pointed to "Dropbox (Personal)" where I already have a folder named "Divelog" that has my logbook?

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Re: Dropbox - Change Directory?

Post by divinglog » Fri Nov 06, 2015 22:06


The Dropbox option in the main toolbar is for syncing purposes, not for selecting your logbook file. It does not really matter where your logbook file is stored, you just select it the first time with the "Open" button from the main toolbar (Or menu File > Open Logbook)

To clear the Dropbox sync folder setting, you have to clear the value it in the Registry:

Code: Select all

You should select in the Dropbox window the root folder: Dropbox (Personal)

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