SAC Caclulations

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SAC Caclulations

Post by MalibuDave42 » Mon Nov 02, 2015 22:16

I am using my computer in gauge mode. It does a nice job keeping lots of data for the log, but of course not the gas changes and such. After importing to DL, while looking at the Profile, I can add the mixes I used (mixes and start/end pressures) and indicate on the graph when I changed bottles. Are the SAC rate calculations I am seeing on the Tanks & Gas screen using the depth and pressure I indicated on the profile? Are they accurate?


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Re: SAC Caclulations

Post by divinglog » Tue Nov 03, 2015 20:54


If all necessary data is entered correctly, the SAC calculation will be correct. Here you have see how it works:

Yes, each tank is using the average depth and dive time based on the usage in the dive profile to calculate the individual SAC rate for each tank. Please read also this post if you add tanks that are not used in the dive profile. Because those count as sidemount tanks and influence the first tank SAC.

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