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Tanks in template

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Currently I'm using the template function a lot in Diving Log. A great way to enter information which is the same on most (or all) dives. One thing I really miss is the ability to make a template for the additional tanks besides the primary tank in the dive.

I'd like to monitor my gas usage and because I'm normally diving with 2 3l CCR tanks, a 40cft and a 80cft it's quite some work to enter all the details every dive.

Would it be possible to make a template of the tank details?

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Re: Tanks in template

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Yes, this would be a great feature, however it is not easy to implement, because it is not clear which tank data from the template should be applied to which tank from the existing dives. I think I can use the sort order of the tanks, but then all tanks would have to be in the same order. I'll see if that can be done and works well.

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