Diving Log Touch SAC values all zero in statistics

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Diving Log Touch SAC values all zero in statistics

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Love Diving Log Touch, nice to be able to carry around a beautiful copy of my logbook on my surface. I've actually entered all 70 or so certification cards just to see them in the product.

There is one issue I've noticed, however, the SAC rates in the statistics panel are all zero (max. SAC, min. SAC and average SAC are all "0 ft3/min" and min/max have link to dive 0 - which you might want to hide these since clicking them returns to the last selected dive).

To sync from Diving Log Desktop to Diving Log Touch, on my desktop I used Export to Diving Log Touch. On my Surface, I used Export to Skydive on the desktop and Import from Skydrive on the Surface. Both have the same bug.
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Re: Diving Log Touch SAC values all zero in statistics

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Hi Andy

Yes, this bug is related to your logbook data somehow. You've sent me your logbook some time ago and I've tracked the bug down to the SQL query and into the SQLite library I'm using. For some reason it doesn't return any data for your logbook when doing the SAC calculation. It works for all my test logbooks, so I'm not really sure what's causing this issue. As this is happening inside SQLite.Net I can't much right now, sorry. Maybe future versions of SQLite.net won't have this issue. I'll fix however the click issue when there is no data.


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