MySQL Export and RTF text

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MySQL Export and RTF text

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G'day Sven,

Diving Log enables us to export into MySQL format. One of the options on that export is we can choose to get comments in RTF or Text format. For those of us then using the MySQL data in phpDivingLog where it ends up as HTML, this still isn't an ideal solution.

There just isn't any good open source PHP code we've been able to find to convert RTF to HTML. So we're forced to use the RTF to Text option you provided. However, the result is all of the "rich text" elements (bold, italic, links etc.) get lost.

Maybe a solution would be if you could implement an RTF to HTML option as a part of the MySQL export. I suspect you'd have easy access to a suitable function or library to make this option possible and easy to implement.

Your thoughts?

Best regards, Lloyd Borrett.

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Re: MySQL Export and RTF text

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Hi Lloyd

Thank you for the suggestion! I've Googled a bit and it couldn't find a good RTF to HTML converter easily. I can research a bit more deeply when I have more time.

Kind regards,

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