Logo in logbook tab; Userfields

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Logo in logbook tab; Userfields

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It would be very nice to be able to put an image or logo or diver's stamp directly in the logbook tab. This could easily be done if the 'Signature' field would accept images instead of only some scribbling. But of course better would be a new layout item.
(I found a similar request in the German forum, way back from 2011) viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1497&p=6988&hilit=logo#p6988

Userfields in 'Toevoegingen' (Dutch) tab:
there are 10 of them and the text can be freely changed to whatever one likes, but when you want to move them around when changing the layout, they move as one block. If you could move them separately, one could create any inputfield anywhere in the logbook. This would help you, the developer, enormously I think, because you wouldn't have so many requests anymore for creating new datafields. In particular I'd like an entry for 'Swell' (there's one for waves and one for current, but not swell- in Dutch this would be 'Deining' ) So if the userfields could be moved seperatly, I would change the text and drag the one field to where I want it. Which I can't atm.
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Re: Logo in logbook tab; Userfields

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Thank you for the great suggestions! The stamp image is planned. I'm thinking about extending the user defined fields list, so this is something that has to be considered. I'll see if it can be done that way and how this may cause problems when exchanging layout files.

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