Feature request - Change in sync functionality

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Feature request - Change in sync functionality

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Hi Sven,

I'm using my iPhone and iPad in combination with Diving Log. When I set both devices in sync mode, a drop down list appears to select which device will be synced. After syncing the Diving Log pop up screen there is a message that the synchronization was successful. It is not possible to sync to another device, even there is still a device with activated sync.

Would it be possible to change this screen, so that you can directly select the buttons to download or upload if there are more devices available?



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Re: Feature request - Change in sync functionality

Post by divinglog »

Hi Leo

I'll try that functionality and see if it can be improved. I almost forgot that there is a dropdown when more than one device is found. I think when you activate the sync function just on one device, then do the sync, and then on the other device, it works better right now.

Kind regards,

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