Improved feature request - map controls

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Improved feature request - map controls

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Hi Sven,

I was so pleased to be reminded that DL is under ongoing development and to download the update to DL5.0.6 and have been having great fun with the new map feature :) ; I have already used it to put a map on my website showing all the places I have dived 8) .

However, I have found the map controls a little frustrating; I wonder if it would be possible to add zoom in/out buttons to the toolbar please, in addition to the zoom dropdown. I feel that the zoom jumps are too large- if it were possible, it would be nice to have smaller zoom steps. Also, there is a zoom to markers function. It would be nice to select a group of markers (eg with a marquee) and then zoom to that selection.

Incidentally, I am running DL on a mac book pro with WIndows 7 installed for that sole purpose. The program runs perfectly, downloading from my Suunto and syncing to my iphone like a dream.

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Re: Improved feature request - map controls

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Thank you, I'm glad you like the new map feature! You can also use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out, or on a multitouch display 2 fingers to pinch. It works exactly the same as in Google Maps. But I can certainly add also zoom in and out buttons to the toolbar. A "zoom to region" function is also something I want to add in the future. I'm not sure if the map control supports smaller zoom steps, I think this is predefined by the map providers.

Kind regards,

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