Lost backups - have SQL dump from phpDiving Log

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Lost backups - have SQL dump from phpDiving Log

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So - in changing over my computer I managed to somehow loose the backup of my DivingLog 4 logbook. Is there anyway for me to engineer the SQL tables from phphDiving log to recover some of the entries?

TO complicate matters more - I sold the diving computer that had the bulk of these dives!



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Re: Lost backups - have SQL dump from phpDiving Log

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Hi Bill

Do you have direct access to the MySQL server from within Diving Log or do you have used the dump file export and import into MySQL? I want to create somewhere in the future a direct MySQL sync function, so you could get your dives back, but it works only with direct connection to the MySQL server.

But this doesn't help you now, so as an alternate solution you could export your data from the MySQL management phpMyAdmin to Excel. From Excel you can import your data into the Access database of Diving Log. The columns and data format is exactly the same, so it should work, even though it is some work.

Kind regards,

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