Mares Airlab

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Mares Airlab

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Leider finde ich den Mares Airlab in der Auswahl nicht, obwohl dieser bei den unterstützden TCs entsprechend gelistet ist. Wenn ich den baugleichen (?) Darwin Air zur Sync. nutze, dann fehlen mir leider die Temperaturdaten.

Gibt es eine Möglichkeit dies zu fixen?

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Re: Mares Airlab

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As far as I know the Mares Airlab is identical to the Darwin Airlab (e.g a rebranded version). So downloading as Darwin Airlab should work fine. If you send me a memory dump of your dive computer, I can double check. See this topic for instructions. You need the "darwin" test application.

What exactly do you mean with "temperature data"? If you mean a full temperature profile (e.g. a temperature value for each sample), then you are out of luck. Your dive computer doesn't record this info. If you mean a single temperature value (e.g. min/max/avg water temperature), then that data might be recorded by the divecomputer, but unfortunately the libdivecomputer library doesn't support this yet (see ticket #3).
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