Logbook Template AlphaDivers - mirrored

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Logbook Template AlphaDivers - mirrored

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Hi All

i try to update de LogBook Template "AlphaDivers". I want to have the second page mirrored (to save a bit paper)
can somebody help me with this? i have not that much computer-skills so, please explain it for an it-idiot :-)

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Re: Logbook Template AlphaDivers - mirrored

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Normally you do not need a separate layout for the 2nd page. If you have a duplex printer, you can set this in the printer settings to mirror every 2nd page to the back. If you don't, you have to print one page after the other, putting the paper back to the paper tray for the 2nd page.

To mirror the layout, you would have to mirror everything manually, either in a 2nd layout file or in a separate layer, which is a lot of work and a bit complicated. So a duplex printer would be the easiest.
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