Unable to get O2 cell data after update

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Danish Diver
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Unable to get O2 cell data after update

Post by Danish Diver » Thu May 10, 2018 07:56


I am using a Shearwater petrel 2, on my JJ rebreather, but after the latest Diving Log update, I am unable to get the O2 readings. Before I was able to go to “profile data” – "Profile 5" and here I was able to get the reading of cell 1. Now I cannot get this data!

In the future, I would appreciate the readings from all three cells.

Morten Didriksen

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Re: Unable to get O2 cell data after update

Post by divinglog » Thu May 10, 2018 12:29

Hi Morten

Do you download the dive computer directly with Diving Log? The only thing that has changed is libdivecomputer. If you want, you can download the previous libdc version from here. Copy the content of the zip file into the Diving Log 6.0 program folder. Let me know if you get the cell data again.

You can also try to import from Shearwater Desktop to see if you receive all 3 cells. Then it should be possible to also implement this in libdivecomputer.

Kind regards,

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Re: Unable to get O2 cell data after update

Post by TnT » Thu May 10, 2018 12:49

Libdivecomputer supports reporting ppO2 from the O2 sensors. But on some shearwater devices the calibration values (which are needed to convert from millivolt to the ppO2 value) are not stored correctly, and are left at their default values. If that's the case, then libdivecomputer disables the ppO2 values instead of reporting invalid ppO2 data. This is a fairly recent change, so this might be the issue Morten is experiencing after upgrading to a newer libdivecomputer version. There should be a warning "Disabled all O2 sensors due to a default calibration value." in the libdivecomputer log.
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