Customizing Layout - Adding New Elements and other Tools

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Customizing Layout - Adding New Elements and other Tools

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Another question I had regards the left-hand toolbar to add new elements to the layout.
Customize Layout Screen
Customize Layout Screen
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Most of the elements in the list say the same thing over and over again. Is there a way to understand what each do without having to drag and drop each on the page and then deleting them or are the all the same and each represents the same element that can be used over and over again. I did read that when something has been used on a page that it will no longer show up in the list so I am assuming that is the case but wanted to be sure.

Lastly, in the 2 video examples that are posted here -, the demo show other properties that are available on the right side that control location, MaxSize, MinSize, Padding, etc... Do we have access to that properties palette?

thanks again everyone.
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Re: Customizing Layout - Adding New Elements and other Tools

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All items with an X behind, are items that were not created by me and can be removed by clicking the X. All default items in Diving Log have a distinct name, so I'm not sure where these items come from. I guess they are empty group items.

The 2 videos are from Diving Log 5.0 which used a different UI technology and layout control, so a few things have changed since then. The 6.0 layout works a little bit different than what you can see in the videos.

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