Divemate <-> Divelog problem

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Divemate <-> Divelog problem

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I'm trying to make Divelog and Divemate (on Android) work together.
In Divemate there is an import of Divelog via Dropbox. My Divelog DB is placed on Dropbox.
When I import it, I see three divers appear in Divemate (and not just one, ie. me).
Two of the divers have my name, the third is nameless.
They each has their own number of dives, 139, 222 and 268, my number in Divelog is 247.
So for some reason Divemate doesn't read the Divelog 5.0.13 database correct, anybody that has an idea on how to fix this?
It would be nice to have the Divemate with me when I travel, and the Divelog at home where all the details are entered.
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Re: Divemate <-> Divelog problem

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Please make sure you use the Dropbox sync function from the "Web" toolbar menu in Diving Log, which converts your logbook database to a *.sql file. Placing your *.mdb file into Dropbox won't work.

You may also have to start with a new empty logbook in Dive Mate and sync your desktop logbook to Dive Mate. If you still have problems, please contact Lars from DiveMate.
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