Suunto D4 max depth difference and missing information

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Suunto D4 max depth difference and missing information

Post by athelas »

Not sure whether to post it here or into general forum. First of all, XML file I have downloaded from the computer with the test tool is complete and consistent with what Suunto DM4 is saying, however data in the Diving Log differ.

Max depth difference:
Computer and DM4 show depth of 11.9 meters, DL indicates only 11.7
In the diveprofile, when looking at the samples, indeed the maximum recorded depth is 11.68 and this was picked by DL. However in the XML file at the beginning of a dive record there is field that is probably ignored by DL. Maximum depth was probably registered by the computer in between profile sampling:

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<datetime>2011-11-09 12:19:31</datetime>
It would be nice if the DL took data for maximum depth from this field. With 20s sampling is not much of a difference, but with one minute?

This is probably only a Suunto import thing, but DL seems to completely ignore fast ascent warnings:

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   <event type="3" time="12" flags="1" value="0">ascent</event>
   <event type="13" time="12" flags="1" value="0">safety stop (mandatory)</event>
   <event type="3" time="13" flags="2" value="0">ascent</event>
It would be nice to have mandatory safe stop or too fast ascents indicated either in the main depth profile or in the asc./desc. profile. Or at least, do these get recorded somewhere in the database? From the profile documentation it looks like the profile 1 has fields to record such events.



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Re: Suunto D4 max depth difference and missing information

Post by TnT »

The difference in the maxdepth (or divetime) value is indeed because DL calculates this from the profile data, while the value in the xml shows the value stored in the dive header (with a fallback to a calculated value if there is no such header). So the support is already available in the libdivecomputer library, but it's not yet used by DL. I'll talk to Sven about this.

Note that DL isn't using the xml files because it gets the data directly from the dive computer. These xml files are only intended for debugging purposes.
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