Generic Import Method

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Generic Import Method

Post by btribley »

I want to bring in all three temperatures from my Suunto Cobra, presently only two are being brought in, temp at max depth is not and that is probably the most important one.

Found a Python program that will bring down all the relevant data. Is there either:
* A general-purpose import screen that allows fields to be set?
* Documentation of the underlying Access database so that I could use Python to bring new dives into a clean Access database (or a cvs file of the same format, or a clean MySQL database table) that could then be brought into Diving Log?

I want to create a user-defined field called temp_max_depth and put the missing temperature data there. If in future the real application is enhanced to support this natively then it would be easy for me to port legacy dives.

Thanks in advance for ideas and suggestions.

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Re: Generic Import Method

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Temperature at max. depth (usually min. water temperature) is stored in the "Water Temperature" (Watertemp in Access) field in Diving Log, so it is already supported and should be imported automatically. You can also edit this field right in the logbook window, so no need to go into the database for that. The access format should be self explanatory and the profile format is explained here.

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