Download from Mares Nemo Wide

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Download from Mares Nemo Wide

Post by matzerl72 »

First of all I want to say that this digital Divelog is the best I found. But I have a question.
I use the dive compter "Mares Nemo Wide".
The connection and the datatransfer works without problems with the implemented Downloader. But some things will not transfered from the diving computer.

This is: Watertemperature, max ascend speed, no flighttime and flag.

Is it possible to get this datas from the computer with an other tool.

Thanks for your support
Matthias R.

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Re: Download from Mares Nemo Wide

Post by TnT »

Unfortunately not all features of every single device are supported. Some of the more general ones (e.g. gas switches, etc) will be added in the future, but very device specific info will probably never be supported. That's the compromise I have to make to be able to support a large list of dive computers.

Note that the raw binary data is all there, so in theory someone could write an application that exports all the info. Whether someone will want to do that is another question of course.
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