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Re: phpDivingLog 3.0 Development

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Hello Lloyd

It's looking great! The tree browser in Diving Log is mainly a loop based manual processing of the dive data. There might be more efficient and performant ways, but it works on the desktop so far.

Kind regards,

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Re: phpDivingLog 3.0 Development

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Progress on phpDivingLog 3 has slowed somewhat in the last month. I've been tinkering around the edges fixing some bugs and making some minor changes, but no major progress. You can see where it's up to at

At first Rob was away on holidays and since coming back is still catching up on other commitments, which is highly understandable. Thus he hasn't been able to spend any time unblocking me on a few current issues. (My PHP and MySQL skills are pretty basic so I've been relying heavily on his expert input when I get blocked on how to proceed.)

My current blockages are:
  • I tried to add in support for displaying the cities/islands information, but there's a problem somewhere and it just doesn't work.
  • I'd like to separate the user/certifications information from the statistics section and have a separate user section. But given my failure to sort out adding cities/islands, I'm not game to proceed with it.
  • I thought one way to add-in the ability to show the equipment needing a service would be to make it a /service or ?view=service switch on equipment.php but I’m currently stumped working out how to do this.
  • I also though it would be nice to display a KML file of the dive sites with location co-ordinates via a /kml or ?view=kml switch on divesite.php but again, I’m stumped as to how to get the switch part to work. Thinking of also supporting GPX files once KML is done.
  • The data grid being used can support a SEO friendly mode. I’d like to get this working, but when I turn it on it breaks the current URL parameter handling. Also, from an SEO perspective, it would be nice if list page 1 was the first dives and the most recent dives were on the highest list page number. Then the list page a dive is would remain static, which would enhance SEO.
One of the major items waiting to be tackled is calculating the average depth, time and SAC rate for each cylinder set from the dive profiles. Right now I just can't get my head around how best to proceed with the complications involved.

For those able to help, please check out and

Of course there are still plenty of other things to do, but getting the above resolved would give us a functioning phpDivingLog 3 that I'd probably be prepared to incorporate into a web site.

Best Regards, Lloyd Borrett.

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