Wrong depths from Mares Icon HD

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Wrong depths from Mares Icon HD

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Got Dive Log 5 to import data directly from my Mares Icon HD. Looking through the dive profiles all looks fine but today I went for a couple of dives (far too cold - 3degC water and snowing) and on downloading the dives the first profile looks right and matches with the data on the ICON. The second dive however goes astray after a few minutes and has me swimming at about 4m instead of the 25m I was actually at and then says I plummeted to over 500m before rocketing back to the surface for the rest of the dive! Since I am here to tell the tale this cannot be true!!

I checked the profile on the ICON and it looks right and I downloaded it onto the Mares Dive Organiser software (which I really don't like) and it seems fine there also. I conclude that the error is in Dive Log somewhere. I tried downloading the dive three times but the same problems continue.

I note from another topic that there was a similar problem with a Galileo...is there a bug here as well??

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Re: Wrong depths from Mares Icon HD

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It's possible there is a bug in the parsing code. Can you send me a memory dump of your iconhd? Instructions are in this topic: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1296
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