phpDivingLog and DL5

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phpDivingLog and DL5

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I've upgraded to DL5.0. However when I export the data to my web site, phpDivingLog 1.9 reports the DL program version as

The value DBVersion from the table DBInfo is being used by phpDivingLog to display the version of DL in use.

Maybe DBVersion is supposed to be the version of your database structure, not the version of the program. Though I suspect the database structure has changed quite a bit since program version

What's the fix for this. Does the DBVersion value need to be updated, or maybe a PRVersion value needs to be added to the database? r Boris it already stored somewhere else?

Best Regards, Lloyd Borrett.

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Re: phpDivingLog and DL5

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Hello Lloyd

Sorry, for the late response, I've missed that posting! The DBVersion field is not the program version, it is the version of the database format and independent from the application version. Diving Log 5.0 is currently using the same database format as version 4.0.13. DBVersion 4.0.5 means that there were 5 DB upgrades during 4 area.

Maybe it is a good idea to add an additional app version field into the DBInfo table.

Kind regards,

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