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Diving Log 6.0.17 released

Monday, January 27th, 2020

A new update for Diving Log 6.0 is now available with the following new features and improvements:

  • New dive computers (Mares Genius, Suunto D5, Aqualung i550C, i200C, Oceanic Geo 4.0, Veo 4.0, Pro Plus 4)
  • BLE support for Oceanic & Aqualung computers
  • HeinrichsWeikamp OSTC download fixed
  • Depth profile with gas color option
  • Equipment hours/# of dives since last service
  • Scubapro ZDiveLog import fixed for new format
  • Scubase import improved (organisms support)
  • OpenStreetMap display error fixed

The downloader supports now new dive computer models as well as Bluetooth LE support for Oceanic and Aqualung computers. It also solves a download problem which appeared in a recent OSTC firmware update. Many thanks to Jef Driesen from libdivecomputer!

For the depth profile you can now activate an option to draw the profile right in the gas color which was used:

Gas Colors

In the Equipment window you can see now the number of dives and the dive time since the last service date:

Equipment statistics

Please note that there is currently one thing to keep in mind: The current implementation counts all dives since this date, no matter if this piece of equipment was selected in the “Equipment used” list in the logbook window. So if you have pieces of equipment that is not used on every dive, the statistic is not correct right now.

Diving Log for Android update released

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

A new update of Diving Log for Android is now available on Google Play. It contains the following new features and improvements:

  • New: equipment used for a dive
  • New: dive type selection
  • Signature improvements
  • Dive profile fixes
  • SAC calculation fixes
  • Runtime permissions (Target API 23)

You can now link equipment to dives and select the type of the dive. If you’ve previously added this data in the desktop or iOS version, it will automatically show up in the Android app. You can also edit the dive types list (add, rename and change the order of dive types). The buddy signature supports now also “dots”.

Equipment, dive type and signature with dot support

Equipment added to a dive

Select dive types

Edit dive types

The new version is using the new Android 6 runtime permissions, which means you don’t have to allow all permissions when installing the app. Instead, Diving Log will ask for specific permissions (e.g. GPS) if you want to use a function that needs that permission.

Available on Google Play

Diving Log 5.0.8 released

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Diving Log 5.0.8 is now released and can be downloaded here. Please note: you can install the update setup only if you have version 5.0.7 or the latest beta. If you have an older version, please install the full setup instead. These are the new features:

Some of the new features were already shown in recent blog posts and are linked above. Here are some new additions:

Android SCUBALog export: I’m trying to provide some more options and choice for Android users by cooperating with other app developers and I’m glad that the first one is now available. You can export your data to the Android app “SCUBALog” (import is planned in the future). You’ll find an app switcher in the Android sync dialog where you can change the data format.

The app switcher is in the top right corner

Equipment weight calculation: You could enter the weight of each equipment item for some time in Diving Log, but up to now nothing was done with this information. But now you can select any number of items in the list and the overall weight is calculated at the bottom. This is useful when preparing for a vacation, for example. Additionally you can see the weight of all checked equipment items in the logbook per dive.

Equipment weight sum of all selected items at the bottom

Weight sum of all checked items of a dive

Skype integration: I’m sure many of you use Skype and now you can call a phone number right from your logbook by clicking the little Skype icon behind a number in the buddy and shop dialog. This works with the Skype desktop app, but also with the new Skype app for Windows 8. Make sure to enter the country code for each number if you want to use this feature, otherwise Skype seems to have problems. If you want to use your mobile phone, you can scan the QR code to quickly call that number.

Skype icon behind the phone number

Version 5.0.3 Beta 4 available

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Today I’ve uploaded a new beta version which contains the following new features:

  • Improved SAC calculation
  • Trips and shops added to table editor
  • Trips and shops added to print function
  • New data fields in logbook window (CNS, start pressure group, end pressure group, rating, repetitive dive number)
  • Logbook equipment categories (active / inactive)
  • Liquivision X1 import supports gas switches
  • Proxy settings in online logbook sync
  • Some bug fixes


Equipment Categories

New Fields

Template Manager and Equipment Revision

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

In the latest update I’ve finally included the Template Manager. It enables you to quickly update several dives at once, even though this is now also possible using the new table editor. If you are not familiar with the template function, I recommend you watch this video tutorial from the support website. To access the template manager, you can click in the “Logbook” menu the “Template Manager” item, or in the logbook window, the small dialog launcher button in the Ribbon.

Template Manager

Template Manager

In this update I’ve fixed also a bug which could crash the application on Windows XP, when interacting with the dive profile. The equipment service reminder is now also included. To activate it, check the box in the equipment dialog. As soon as the revision date for one or more items is within the time span you have set, the Welcome Center will pop up during startup and the equipment items were displayed. When you click an item it will be shown in the equipment dialog.


Welcome Center



Diving Log 5.0 – Equipment

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

I’ve finished the dive equipment management window which is also the window for country, city, dive site and buddy management, so including the other data is straightforward. There are some small but nice improvements:

Equipment Management

Equipment Management

Keyboard shortcuts enable adding and editing data without ever touching the mouse. Simply press Ctrl-N for adding a new item, the cursor jumps automatically into the first field. When you’ve entered the data press Ctrl-S to save the data. With the Del key you can delete one or more items.

The new instant search field in the upper right corner (Ctrl-F put the cursor into the box) lets you filter the displayed data in the list, which is useful for long lists like dive sites.

In order to view images like the equipment photo or the dive site map properly I’ve added a new built-in lightweight image viewer. You can view any image just by clicking it with the mouse when you see the magnifier cursor.

Click to open the Image Viewer

Click to open the Image Viewer

Image Viewer

Image Viewer

The Image Viewer can be used across the whole application, e.g. by clicking the certification images, in the logbook table or from the logbook photo section. Currently it has only some basic features, but I want to add more features in future like a thumbnail view, printing and a slideshow.