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Diving Log for Windows Phone beta now available

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

The beta version of the next update of Diving Log for Windows Phone 7 is now available. If you want to join the beta test, please send me your Windows Live ID (email address) associated with your Windows Phone to info (at) You will then receive an email with a link, that you can open on your phone to download the beta version from the marketplace. The beta will run for 3 month (expires on December 9) and runs on WP 7.0 (NoDo) or 7.5 (Mango) devices. You will also need a Dropbox account to sync your logbook to the phone and the Dropbox client application has to be installed on your PC. When you use the beta version, please provide feedback and report any problems.

Version 5.0.3 Beta 5 available

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Today I’ve uploaded a new beta version which contains the following new features:

  • CCR Features and new profile data
    • NDL, Deco Ceiling, Stop Time
    • ppO2 recording of up to 3 sensors
    • OTU profile
    • CNS profile
    • Setpoint profile
    • Diluent, O2 and Bailout Tanks
  • Improved imports to support the new CCR features for
    • APD
    • BFT
    • Delta P ProLink
    • HeinrichsWeikamp DR5 / OSTC
    • HS Explorer
    • Liquivision X1
    • Poseidon
    • Shearwater
  • Atomic Cobalt download
  • Mares Dive Organizer import updated for new database format
  • Print and PDF export supports new profile data
  • Some bug fixes

Download Links:

Version 5.0.3 Beta 3 available

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Today I’ve uploaded a new beta version which contains the following new features:

Download Links:

As usual, please provide feedback if you see any problems or bugs. Please note, the SAC rate calculation is still not correct for multiple and/or double tanks in this beta, which is a known issue.

Version 5.0.3 Beta 1 available

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Today you can download the first beta of the upcoming version 5.0.3. There will be more beta releases in the following weeks, because version 5.0.3 is a big update with many changes in the database logbook format. Before downloading and installing, please read these important comments:

  • This is a beta, so it could crash and probably contain bugs
  • Please backup all your logbook files, before installing this beta! During the first app launch, your logbook file format will be updated. After this update, it can no longer be edited with any previous Diving Log version (including 5.0.2). So if you ever want to downgrade to an older Diving Log version, you will need your backup! If you try to edit the new logbook format with an older Diving Log version, the application will crash!

Known issues / limitations:

  • Only the OSTC downloader currently imports gas and tank switch information automatically.
  • CCR is currently not yet supported
  • Exporting, printing and statistics make not yet use of the new data
  • SAC calculation works not yet correctly with multiple tanks and double tanks
  • Deleting tanks, which are already used in the dive profile, will cause drawing issues. You have to reset the whole gas switch data for this dive and add the switches again.

What’s included in this beta:

Extended Layout 2

Remember, you can add any button to the quick access toolbar, so it's just one click away

Download Links:

I hope you enjoy the new features and please provide feedback, especially if you see any crashes or problems (including usability issues). Thank you!

Upcoming database format

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

This blog post is a little bit technically and more interesting for readers with some database knowledge, but I want to introduce the new extended database format of the next Diving Log version. It contains many more fields and tables to store a lot more data inside your logbook. You can download an empty logbook in Access and SQLite format to get an idea about the new features coming this year.

You need either MS Access or any SQLite viewer to open these files and to see the changes compared to an existing Diving Log logbook. Do not use this new file format with the current Diving Log 5.0 version! You would be able to open the file, but you will get many errors when you try to add new data.

In a nutshell, the new format adds overview maps to the city/island details, weight, O2 service date and inactive option to equipment. The logbook table gets visibility, pressure groups, divemaster, boat and many more fields. There is support for profile annotations, new profile data for CCR, multiple profiles per dive, multiple gas and tanks per dive and there are new tables for trips and shops (dive centers, dive shops).

I will release several beta versions during the next time to test the update process and the first set of new features. Not all new database fields will be supported right in the program, but I try to add as much as possible in the next version. If you have any comments and feedback, please let me know. This is the right time to make last minute changes to the new logbook format.

New beta version available

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

You can download a new beta version of Diving Log 5.0 with several new features:

Full Setup (26 MB)
Update from 5.0.0 (19 MB)
(Please download the final version)

In the main toolbar you will find a new “Web” dropdown button, which is now the central location for cloud services like online logbooks. Currently there are 4 online logbooks included:

  • – already included with the Dilogs manager, but the new sync interface offers a lightweight and easier sync experience
  • – was only available in the export menu, but now you can upload and download your dives in the new sync dialog
  • – completely new integrated with upload and download
  • – new beta portal to collect dive data for the NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in Trondheim for a research project
  • In future MySQL sync will be added for phpDivingLog

Dilogs Sync

Divelogs Sync

YourDiveBook Sync

Great news for all Android users out there: there is now a sync function from Diving Log 5.0 to the already available Android Dive Log (Dive Log Key) from Rob Knapen. It is included in the sync menu in the main toolbar of Diving Log. The sync is done at the moment only via the sdcard. Diving Log saves the file to the sdcard, Android Dive Log reads this file from the card when you use the restore function. To sync back to the desktop you must create a backup in the Android DL to the storage card, Diving Log will import that and merge the changes into the desktop logbook.

Android Sync

Main Screen

Dive List

Dive Site Map

The ribbon in the logbook window could now be displayed also in the Windows 7 ribbon style:

Windows 7 Ribbon Style

Other new features in this beta:

  • Import from JDiveLog
  • French localization completed
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes

Diving Log 5.0 – Beta Update

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Today I’ve updated the Diving Log 5.0 beta version. The most important new feature is the MySQL export and upload function, so users of phpDivingLog or Diving Log Online can now upload their dive data with Diving Log 5.0. You must download and install the MySQL ODBC Connector in order to upload the data directly to the MySQL server. MySQL dump files can now be optionally compressed with gzip or zip, so uploading these files will be a lot faster.

Other changes and improvements in this update:

  • DCDS 2.1 import included
  • Shearwater Desktop import update (to support version 1.0)
  • Oceanlog import bugfix
  • Suunto Dive Manager import bugfix
  • Mares DRAK Puck Air support
  • MySQL export and upload
  • Bugfix in profile drawing

Let me know if you find any bugs, especially in the MySQL export.

Diving Log 5.0 – Latest updates

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

The beta version is now since two weeks online and I’ve updated it about 3 or 4 times during this period (I just uploaded a new version). I want to give you a quick overview about some of the changes (I’ve done also a lot of small changes not mentioned here):

  • Bug fix for Oceanlog 2 and Sherwood import
  • Improved import for Delta P ProDive
  • Improved UDDF import for HeinrichsWeikamp DR 5
  • Improved Mares DRAK import for air integrated computers
  • Import added for the new Shearwater Desktop beta program
  • upload bugs fixed
  • Welcome Center added
  • Info dialog added
  • Compact database function added
  • Print engine runtime files updated with service pack
  • Localized more parts of the UI
  • Profile info panel added
  • Default gas icons added
  • Added a few more buttons to the profile ribbon tab

There are still some features missing, e.g. the MySQL export and upload, the profile section of the logbook is not complete (split and merge dives, export profile data, edit profile, red cursor line with auto scrolling, the compass, templates). I’ll add these features during the next weeks.

Overall the beta test is very positive, only a few minor bugs were discovered up till now. There seems to be a problem with the print function and designer when Diving Log 4.0 and 5.0 are running at the same time or on the same computer. If you discover some instability with the print function or designer in version 5.0, it is very likely that it is caused by version 4.0.

The new profile info panel and gas icon panel are hidden by default. You must either drag and drop them from the hidden items in the customization window, or download the “Extended Layout.xml” file and open it in the layout tab in the logbook window.

Customize Layout

Hidden Items

Drag and drop gas icons

Drag and drop gas icons

Icons on the right side

Icons on the right side

Icons below

Icons below

Profile Info Panel

Profile Info Panel

Diving Log 5.0 – First beta available

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

I’m very happy to announce that you can download now the first beta version of Diving Log 5.0. I’ve tested several pre-beta builds in the last 2 weeks with some Diving Log users and the overall feedback was very positive, so I decided to make this release public and everyone can download and try it.

Please note that this is still a beta, it is not feature complete and it could contain bugs. The purpose of this beta test is to find bugs and usability issues, please do not report missing features at this time. But I want to hear of course your feedback and what you think about it. I’m sure I will update this beta in the next few weeks relatively often to fix bugs and I won’t write every time a blog post, so I created a website where you can see the last update date of the beta. Please check this site often to get the latest build:

Diving Log 5.0 – Beta Download

If you find any issues, please post them in the beta forum (English | German) or email me. Take a quick look into the existing postings if this problem was already posted, this way we avoid double reports of bugs. But you can email me of course, too.

Thank you for your patience over the last few months, I know it was a long time and some of you are waiting for features that are still not yet included. But I’ve rewritten the code base of an application, which is 10 years old, in only 10 month. I think this is not too bad 😉 I’m very excited about this release and I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you think of it!